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Think beauty pageant GIRLS are nothing but pretty looking things with no substance? Guess again. All hail the gorgeous and bright Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Carey Ng.


Hey Carey, congrats on being crowned Miss Universe Malaysia 2013, and Happy New Year! What did you do welcoming 2013?

Thanks! It was good, I spent a rather quiet one this time with my family. We were in Malacca for a while. It was a good change from the usual big countdowns and parties I attend for New Year’s. I just wanted it to be away from everything this time.

We hope you enjoyed the day with us! Is this your first time posing for a men’s mag?

This is my first time for any magazine! I was so excited and I had a lot of fun! I wasn’t a model before the pageant. My first shoot was for the casting call for Miss Universe Malaysia.

Pop quiz: how many states are there in Malaysia?


What’s the name of our home galaxy?

What? Home galaxy?! Not that sorta universe, I believe in my own kind of universe.

It’s the Milky Way.

Oh... You got me there!

2013’s bound to be a very exciting year for you. What do you have in store?

Loads of exposure, loads of character building, a lot of grooming and, last but not least, the finale. That should happen sometime after the middle of the year. So, there’s going be a lot of pressure there; people will expect a transformation of who they see me to be right now. A lot of pressure!

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